Congratulations on getting married!

Do you want your wedding to be somewhere completely different?

Most people think that when being married by a Registrar it has to take place either in the Registry Office itself or in only licensed premises. This is simply not true. In fact you are only legally required to be registered by a Registrar, and once this legal formality has been taken care of (it usually takes about fifteen minutes and costs less than £50) you are free to have the ceremony at a location of your choosing, and can be any kind of wedding celebration you can imagine!

Get married on a motorbike, in a field or forest, a nature reserve or on a beach. If you want the ceremony at the same hotel as your reception or in your own garden or marquee it is all possible. The wedding you've imagined can become a reality - even under a starry night sky. Your celebration can have as much or as little religious content as you wish, something that is not allowed when being married by a registrar.

To discuss how I can help with your ceremony, writing of vows, type of music, and order of service please feel free to contact me and arrange a meeting.




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