Civil Partnerships

Since 2005 it has been possible for same sex couples to be married in the form of a Civil Partnership. The legalities need to be completed by a registrar but this is so quick it can be done in your lunch break!

As with traditional weddings, a civil ceremony can be celebrated at a time and location of your choosing. The celebration can be tailor made to suit your desires once the legal formalities have been completed at the Registry Office.

After the certificate has been issued, you are free to go ahead with your very own blessing or ceremony, in the location of your choice - there are no restrictions on where or how this can take place.

You have total freedom to design your special day: This includes the music, readings & vows, a hymn or a prayer - and it’s all possible in your own garden, a hotel, on a boat or on a beach! Literally anywhere you want it to be. Designing your own ceremony allows you to exchange your own personal vows and acknowledge the love you have for each other in a way that is unique to you. Contact me to start bringing your dream ceremony to life.

You do not have to have a licensed location for your celebration.



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